Posted by Kate Oakley

Wanderlust Festival / Oahu
Beautiful views of the sparkling ocean water, meditation, relaxing yoga classes and a mindfulness experience while connecting with a like-minded community. This is Wanderlust, a festival celebrating sustainability, healthy living, yoga and nature. Festival attendees will experience music, outdoor adventure and listen to authors, yoga teachers and other health experts and business leaders.
Set in O’ahu, Hawaii, Wanderlust connects individuals who share the same passions and gives them the memory of a lifetime. This year, Liquido Active will be attending Wanderlust and soaking in the sunshine and all of the activities it has to offer. At Liquido, we strive to offer you the best that there is, and we’re excited to further align with the yoga community and bring you more innovative, fabulous and fashion-forward collections.
Wanderlust Festival / Oahu
Being close with the yoga community as a whole is important to us. We want to know the latest and greatest and want to practice what we preach. Wanderlust gives us a chance to discover our true north - being in alignment with our personal integrity. It will allow us to reset and rediscover our happiness and connect with new friends.

We believe in being a part of something bigger than ourselves. We believe in experiencing a sense of peace in everything that we do. New ideas are formed by coming together, and we’re excited to attend Wanderlust and unplug from the world while we embrace a new world: one of peace, love and tranquility.
Wanderlust Festival / Oahu
To learn more about Wanderlust Oahu, please click here.