Breast cancer awareness is an important issue in every woman's life, as such, for this month of October, LIQUIDO GOES PINK to help raise awareness with our customers. Every item in the following collection will have 15% of its profits donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Help us spread the Liquido love and go pink with us! Use the hashtag #LiquidoGoesPink

Emma Bra Cherry

$55.00 AUD $47.00 AUD

Believe Tank Pink

$46.00 AUD $39.00 AUD

Futura Bra Grape

$49.00 AUD $42.00 AUD

Futura Legging Grape

$92.00 AUD $78.00 AUD

Zen Long Sleeve Pink

$60.00 AUD $51.00 AUD

Inspire Me Tank Pink

$46.00 AUD $39.00 AUD

Ella Bra Magic Sequin

$49.00 AUD $25.00 AUD

Riley Leggings Cherry

$92.00 AUD $78.00 AUD

Caftan Carmen Rose

$95.00 AUD $48.00 AUD

Bandeau Bikini Carmen Rose

$109.00 AUD $56.00 AUD

Sun Away Long Sleeve Pink

$77.00 AUD $39.00 AUD

Vitality Bra Pink

$49.00 AUD $25.00 AUD